Flip through just about any fashion magazine or catch the latest celebrity news on TV and you’ll se them: ear threads, ear threaders, threader earrings, earthreads. They go by a few different names, but whatever you call them, the name does help to describe these unique earring findings which the wearer actually “threads” through the ear hole. Designs vary to a certain extent, but generally speaking ear threads consist of a small metal bar on one end, a few inches of thin chain connected to the metal bar, and then on the opposite end you can attach beads such as crystals, pearls, and gemstones. You could also use your wire wrapping skills and create metal components to attach. Heck, even small sterling or gold colored charms would be a good match to ear threads.

Once you have made a pair of threader earrings, to wear them, simply insert the metal bar through your ear hole, and pull the chain through. Most ear threads come in lengths from 3 to 5 inches and are available in sterling and gold vermeil. It probably won’t be long before you see these findings available for your jewelry making needs from a multitude of vendors, but currently, you can purchase them from Rings and Things, Artbeads, Gemshow Online, and Second Sin.

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