Whether you are a newbie to beads or an old pro, you’ll find this project is fun and versatile. I adapted the basic design from an article in Jewelry Crafts magazine by Paula Marie Walter (Jan/Feb 1998). In order to fit the bottle I use, I had to make a number of changes, but the ideas (using a netting stitch) are similar. The basic design that I illustrate here is pretty simple, so most beginners will be able to handle it. More advanced beaders can use the basic design and get fancy by creating a more intricate strap, doing peyote around the neck, and by adding lots of fringe. I like the versatility of this design because it allows me to add stone and crystal accent beads.

This is part 1 of a three part project. Part 2 shows how to attach the beaded star around the bottle. After finishing part 2, move onto Part 3, how to attach a beaded strap.

You’ll need the following materials:

2 color of size 11 seed beads (less than 5 grams each)
Choice of accent beads
*Nymo or Silamide thread
Size 10 or 12 needle
A glass bottle with 2 flat sides 40mm high and 25mm wide (Fire Mountain carries the bottle used here.)

*If you use Nymo, you’ll also need bees wax or Thread Heaven. Pull the thread through either of these a few times to condition the thread. Silamide comes pre-waxed.

Note on the beads: For the necklace pictured, I used mauve beads (as my primary color) and burgundy beads (as my secondary color). Both are size 11 Japanese, but Czech could also be used since you don’t have to go through the beads too many times. For the accent beads to go in the strap and fringe, I used rose quartz 6mm and square shaped beads along with some vintage pink German crystal beads and some pink Czech size 6 beads. I also used Silamide in dusty rose.

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