Earrings don’t always have to match exactly. If they share a similar theme, like these Tea Time Earrings, they can add a little playfulness to your jewelry design. Use charms, these are brass stamped charms from B’sue’s Boutiques, some pretty crystals, a little wire, and a few ear hooks and you can make these fun and easy earrings in just a few minutes, plenty of time to make it to that all important reservation at your local tea room.

You’ll need the following:

2 brass stamped charms – 1 tea cup and 1 tea bag
2 gold-filled or gold-tone ear hooks
2 – 8mm light rose crystal beads
Approximately 6 inches of gold-filled 20 gauge round wire
Round-nosed pliers
Flat or bent-nosed pliers
Wire Cutters
Jewelers’ file

Note about brass: Yes, you are right if you’re thinking that brass oxidizes easily and will discolor eventually, but for certain jewelry designs I like that look, especially for earrings like these since the oxidizing will create a vintage look the earrings over time. However, if you prefer to keep your brass shiny, a simple swipe now and then with a polishing cloth is one quick way to clean them occasionally.

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