Dichroic Fused Pendant

Dichroic glass is pricey, but it can add a lot to fused glass. Even if you are a beginning fuser, you can make this Dichroic Fused Pendant. It doesn’t take much glass or a great deal of skill to make a simply design piece as pictured. Think of it like a fused glass sandwich.

You’ll need:

piece of black glass approx. 1″ x ¾”

piece of dichroic glass approx. 1″ x ¾”

large sterling jump ring made of 16 – 18 gage wire

glue (white or fusers glue)

1. Cut a piece of black glass and a piece of dichroic glass so they are approx. the same size. 1″ long by ¾” wide is a good size.

2. Dab some glue at the top of the black glass piece and add a jump ring so half the ring is on the glass and half is hanging over. The part of the ring that isn’t split should be the part that is hanging over.

3. If possible, wait for the glue to dry a little. If you want to make a number of these pendants, it’s a good idea to make a number of these “blanks” ahead of time.

4. Next, dab some glue on the center of the black glass and put your dicro glass on top of the blank to form your sandwich.

5. Fuse in a kiln until both pieces become one. Though every kiln is different, this is the schedule I use for these pendants:

25 minutes at #3 (500 degrees)

25 minutes at #5 (800 degrees)

20 minutes at #6 (1000 degrees)

10 minutes at Hi (1500 degrees)

6. During the last 10 minutes, keep a good eye on the kiln so the pendants don’t over fuse.

7. Finish the pendants by polishing the jump ring.

One item to consider is that if you use dichroic glass that you can see through, you will see the jump ring. So, you might want to just use the type with black on the back. If you want to get fancier designs on your pendants, try layering dicro or putting pieces together to cover the black piece as if you were putting together a puzzle. These look great if you want to just add them to a chain or create a whole necklace design around them.

Here’s a printer friendly copy of this file.

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