Elastic & Pearl Grandmother/Mom Bracelet

Elastic & Pearl Grandmother/Mom Bracelet: Pearls and crystals make up this easy to make and wear elastic style bracelet.

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Knotty Jewelry Time

Cut down on costs but not the uniqueness of your jewelry designs by adding fiber to the mix. Hemp, waxed linen cord, rat tail, ribbon, even yarn can supply you with interesting media to work with and still be relatively inexpensive to work with.

When you incorporate fiber that often means knots, and I have a number of standard knotting techniques to get your started as you experiment with fiber and save money making jewelry:

How to Tie a Josephine Knot

How to Make a Lark’s Head Knot

How to Make a Mounting Knot

How to Make a Double Half-Hitch Knot

How to Make a Half-Hitch Knot

For more knotting tutorials and some fiber jewelry projects, head over to my Macrame Section.

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Today we have our first featured artist Jenna Waldman of Sarafina Design! (sarafinadesign.com)

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Great Tips For Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the most common wedding traditions is for the groom to propose to the bride with an engagement ring. Traditionally the engagement ring features a diamond. Choosing a diamond engagement ring can be tricky; it is not something that a lot of guys have much experience with. Follow these tips to guide you to a ring that she will love.

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