What Is a Craft Knife?

Sometimes referred to as an Exacto knife (which is a brand name), a craft knife is a hand-held tool that includes a handle on one end and a thin metal blade on the other end. The blade is removable so that you can replace old blades that eventually become dull. These are fairly inexpensive, normally costing less than five dollars, and are available (along with replaceable blades) at most craft, hardware, and discount stores.

How Is a Craft Knife Used?

This is a very versatile tool, and primarily, it is used in the intricate cutting of thin materials. Paper, a popular material used in mixed-media jewelry, is one medium that a craft knife cuts well, though it is especially important to have a sharp, clean blade when cutting paper. Clay mediums, such as polymer clay, metal clay, and paper clay, also team up well with craft knives since you can cut out shapes from the clay using this type of knife. Just roll out the clay, and either cut out the shapes you want free-handed or place a template over the clay, and use the craft knife to cut around the template.

What Should You Look for in a Craft Knife?

Consider these important points when purchasing a craft knife:

  • Look for replacement blades at the same time you purchase your knife and purchase them as well. That way, you’ll be sure to have them when you need them. A clean and sharp blade is crucial to have an accurate cut when using a craft knife.
  • Try to find a craft knife that has an easy to grip handle.
  • Make sure the end of the knife that has the blade includes a protective cover.

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