There are a slew of us over at these days as well as other venues such as and even our own web stores, and it actually takes a lot of time to market yourself to make any sales, let alone enough to be considered as making anything close to an income with our jewelry.

One issue to think about after you’ve worked on marketing and have actually managed to make a few sales is your brand. Yes, you need to make sure you have a way to show who you are to your customers. Packaging your finished jewelry is a method that is important to consider when it comes to creating a brand, and I discuss this as well as (of course) keeping your jewelry pieces safe as they get mailed off in a new article: Tips for Packaging Jewelry When Selling On-Line.

I pulled from a lot of different sources when I came up with my own packaging idea, so I spent a good deal of time researching before I figured out a packaging method that worked for me. I hope my tips and research will help you as well as you figure out a way to create a brand and possible future sales through the materials you use to mail out your jewelry items.

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