You don’t always have to use glue when it comes to attaching flat-back crystals to brass stamped jewelry components. In this earring project, I added some crystal sparkle by including a small round resin cab decorated with a flat-back crystal, and to top them off, I added a crystal bead on the brass earring hooks as well.

You’ll need the following materials and supplies:

*Ferido Formula x1 in Aquamarine
**2 – Brass stamped components
2 – 4mm light blue crystal beads
2 – 4mm Swarovski flat-back clear crystals
4 inches of 21-gauge dead-soft brass wire
Paper towels
Waxed paper
Cotton swab
Wire cutters
Round-nosed pliers
Jeweler’s files

*The package of Ferido Formula x1 is available from Fire Mountain Gems & Beads and comes with gloves and the flat back crystals.

**The brass component pictured came from Guyot Brothers, items #07775.

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