Knotting between beads is a method that creates a more professional finish to strung jewelry designs. While it can tax your patience, especially if you don’t knot very often, it is well worth the effort because of the wonderful drape and flow your beads will have when you are finished.

In this project, I take it a step further and use knots to also create an endless beaded design with no clasp. You just simply pull the finished crystal necklace over your head, and you are out the door, ready to sparkle and shine. The finished necklace measures 26 inches, and you can adjust the length by adding or removing beads. Just remember that if you want it shorter, you’ll need to make sure if fits over your head before finishing the final knotting process. At 26 inches, I find that it easily fits over my head and falls to about the middle of my chest, so the length works well for my frame and for a few articles of clothing I plan to wear with it. Consider this when you are determining the length you’d like your finished necklace to be.

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