When I first started designing my Tassel Necklace project, I made the mistake of using size 5 nylon cord which was way too thick. It was impossible to thread back through any beads in order to make the tassel part of the necklace. However, after making some adjustments, I developed a necklace very similar only there’s no tassel, so the size 5 cord works just fine for this No-Tassel Necklace. I used an assortment of blue beads. This technique can be used with your own choice of beads as long as you have a similar assortment as listed below.

To make one, you’ll need:

Size 5 nylon cord with attached needle
1 large beads (40mm is a good size)
Seed beads
Bugle beads
Your choice of accent beads
Corsage pin
Glue/clear nail polish
Tape or hemostats

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