When a friend of mine invited me over to her house to trying rubber stamping, I thought that sounded like a fun afternoon. And it was. We stamped up a storm! I admitted to her how stamping on paper made me feel like an instant artist. Then she started explaining to me how you can stamp on all kinds of stuff like plastic, fabric, glass…..glass? Yipes! I was hooked. So, I went back to my studio and whipped up a bunch of glass pendants for us to practice on.

You’ll need:

Glass pendant blanks
*Heat gun
Embossing powder
Pigment ink
Paper towels
Piece of scrap paper
1 Q tip

*A heat gun is used for embossing and looks kind of like a blow dryer, but it heats up much hotter. This is the most expensive piece of equipment you would need for this project. They run between $20-30. However, if you do want to try this and you don’t have a stamp buddy like I did, one tip is to check in your Sunday paper for coupons from craft shops. My local Michael’s has coupons for 40-50% off one item in the paper every few weeks. An embossing gun is also helpful for getting bubbles out of resin before it sets, so it is a useful tool if you like making mixed-media jewelry.

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