Of course, blogging is all about getting others to stop, read, and respond, but I had no idea what a nerve I was hit when I recently published a blog post entitled “Is Etsy Passé for Jewelry Designers?” The response to that blog post along with a few responses on a forum thread under a similar title were amazing and continue to roll in.

First, I have to emphasize that I like Etsy generally speaking. I have been a member there for a few years, have purchased items there, and even have sold a little over there. I opened my shop last spring not so much with the idea of making big bucks but more because I was curious and realized that for a few dollars a month I could have a shop and possibly de-stash some supplies and maybe sell a few finished pieces of jewelry as well. Like most Etsy shop owners, it didn’t take long to learn that, as with all stores on the web or otherwise, it takes a lot of time, which I’m often short of. However, I still like having it there if for no other reason that when I’m asked by a friend or acquaintance about purchasing jewelry I have a place to direct him or her to now and I didn’t before.

After reading the large number of reader comments and forum responses, are a few points from the discussions that seemed to be emphasized:

*Some Etysians are not happy with the lack of promotion on the part of Etsy, especially when it comes to search engines.

*On the total opposite spectrum from that comment, a large number or readers rallied for Etsy saying that it is what you make of it, and that members should not expect Etsy to do their promotion for them. Many pointed out that those who have done well over there have done so because of their own efforts, and that is how it should be.

*Even those who still like Etsy are shopping around and considering alternatives as far as e-commerce options and their jewelry. They are checking out sites like ArtFire.com as well as either selling on their own sites or thinking about doing so.

These are just a few points that seemed to be mentioned repeatedly. There was a lot more said, and perhaps this will continue to be a hot button topic for awhile. I know I, at least, learned a lot and appreciate the input from everyone on this topic.

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