Tammy Honaman Reports Back on Beadex in South Africa

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads is known for its articles and free projects both on-line as well as in supplemental catalogs it sends out. I don’t always have the time to read through these as I would like to do. In fact, they are sort of a cross between catalog and magazine really. However, I was recently flipping through the January 2009 supplement and discovered a wonderful article by Tammy Honaman about her experience at the International Bead & Jewelry Show held this past May in Sandton City, South Africa.

Along with the article about her time at the show and the work she did as the Clover Mama Afrika teacher for beading, she also includes a beautiful peyote-stitched bracelet project that is a good fit for anyone who wants to try to learn some basic bead weaving. She used fairly large beads, Matsuno size 8/0 seed beads, so this means it will work up more quickly than many bead weaving projects which often use smaller size 11/0 seed beads.

I thought her article and project was something my readers would enjoy reading, even if they didn’t receive the supplemental catalog, so I asked her if she had any links that had this same information on the FMG web site. Sure enough, they do have the article and project on line, and Tammy was nice enough to send them to me so that I could share with you:

Clover Mama Afrika at the International Bead and Jewelry Show

Bracelet with Seed Beads

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[Single] Jewelry S – Sweet song

CREDIT : bingyang1411@WP  || UPLOAD : SYBIGBANG

01. 데이트 (Date)
02. 들어봐
03. 니가 더 좋아


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Omega Watches in Sports

When you think of Omega and sports generally you would picture the timers placed around the track at the Olympic games, but in fact Omega delve so much deeper in the world of sport and the Olympics that when you buy Omega watches, you are buying precision, reliability and accuracy that is endorsed by the sports world and its organizations, as well as the many well known sports personalities that have been invited into the Omega family. The respect that these organizations and people give to Omega is a mutual relationship due to the dedication from Omega to sport being identical to the dedication given to watch making.

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Banner year for custom jewelry.

Despite all the doom and gloom in the news, 2008 was another great year in the online custom jewelry business. And once again, Images stole the spotlight with high end custom made jewelry that was second to none. We added on our brick and mortar store and re-vamped our websites, we also hit new highs in production and more requests for jewelry than ever before. With an ever growing thirst for high quality custom jewelry, you are bound to hear more about us in the coming years. Top notch craftsmanship, flawless finishing, hand picked diamonds and gemstones are some of the reasons why over 25,000 customers, spread across 32 nations, rely on Images.

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