The loupe is the most essential tool a gemologist or a jeweler should have all the time. One can never say when they might require it. The type of loupe one carries, the way one holds a loupe and handles it reveals lots of things about a person. It is very important to use a loupe in proper fashion to create a good impression in the field. Follow the following steps to view a stone using a loupe:

1) Turn on the light source keep it at comfortable height below the eye level so that the light do not fall on the eyes.

2) Clean the stone thoroughly with a dirt free and lint free cloth and keep it face down either on the cloth itself or the sorting tray. Also clean the lens of the loupe.

3) Pick up the loupe. Insert your index finger into the metal cover and use it for a handle. If you pick up the loupe with right hand then use your left eye to see the stone and vice versa. Though lot of people are comfortable with right hand- right eye combination, I prefer the right hand-left eye combination as I can support the tweezers on the side of my nose. See what suits you best.

4) Pick up the stone with a tweezers gently. Pressing it too hard would make the stone fly off.Hold the stone at the girdle to examine the stone from the table or pavilion.And the see the stone from sideways hold the stone from table to culet. Remember not to touch the stone by hand. Always use the gem cloth.

5) Position the loupe close to your eye, and hold the stone about an inch from the loupe. Be steady and rest the hands on the table you are working on. Initially its best advised to sit and examine the stone. After gaining confidence one can examine anywhere.

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