Do you ever feel restricted by having to follow a corporate dress code? Sometimes we all do. One way to express yourself with fashion, even though wearing professional attire, is to go wild with the jewelry. In jewelry, the rules are so gray, the rights and wrongs are not very fixed at all. If you feel like a woman’s business suit kills your creativity sometimes, why don’t you take the opportunity to express your individuality with a necklace? Go out of your way to find unique necklaces that no-one else in your work place wears with their office outfits. Keep the suit and the blouse nice and sharp, but choose a jewelry set with thick layers of pearls and a beautiful shell as with this pink suit jacket; or big, chunky black beads as with this crisp white blouse; or a thick, red choker necklace as with Hillary Clinton’s brown pant suit.             Photo: Rubia Morua

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