Jewelry Junkie Link Love 07/27/08

Art Bead Scene

Art Bead Scene Editor Cindy Gimbrone shows her true colors.

Barbe Saint John

Forever trying to take better photos, check out the online Video tutorials I found to help.

BeadStyle Magazine

Cathy reviews books a plenty from the BeadStyle magazine library

Jewelry & Beading

The new book, 1000 Jewelry Inspirations, hits the mark!

Katie’s Beading Blog

Katie dishes on all the new beady stuff she saw at the Craft & Hobby Association tradeshow last weekend. New geometric links, new resin components, new beads, oh my!

Strands of Beads

Melissa’s making more memento mori (alliterative, eh?) in the studio this week.

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It was with great trepidation that I entered my local Goodwill this afternoon.  I’ve not yet been to a thrift store in St Louis (my trip to the antique store doesn’t count), and I didn’t know how it would be–dingy and smelly and depressing?  Too expensive?  Too picked over?

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Top 10 Mistakes of Buying Diamonds

Diamond is the allotrope of carbon where the carbon atoms are arranged in an isometric-hex octahedral crystal lattice. Its hardness and high dispersion of light make it useful for industrial applications and jewelry. It is the hardest known naturally-occurring mineral. It is possible to treat regular diamonds under a combination of high pressure and high temperature to produce diamonds (known as Type-II diamonds) that are harder than the diamonds used in hardness gauges.

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$50,000 Hearing Aid

I came across an online news report of a 24 karat gold hearing aid that contains 220 diamonds. The company that produces the extravagant device is Widex and it could be yours for the small price of $ 50,000.00. Advertising itself as the “blingi-est” hearing aid in the world (and the most expensive), look for it at a hearing aid dealer near you.

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