Jewelry Around the Web

Here are some of my latest jewelry web wanderings:

If you’ve wanted to take some jewelry classes but don’t know where to start, check with your local rock and gem club. There are many located across the United States as well as around the world, and I found this great list of U.S. club listings, so you are sure to find one in your neck of the woods.

Ever thought of going to a big jewelry show? Then consider attending one on your summer vacation. JA New York Jewelry Trade has a show scheduled in July.

Hooked on Wire still has some spaces left for its late September retreat. Lisa Niven Kelly, Dallas Lovett, and Barb Switzer are some of the top wire workers in the country and are ready to teach you all their wire tricks of the trade.

Social networking continues to surge across the Internet, and jewelry makers and other crafters are extremely involved in this trend. Now Swarovski has taken a step into social networking with its Create Your Style Community, which has recently gone live and is ready and waiting for members to join up and start styling with their crystals.

Ponko has a new 10-day design challenge; this one is inspired by summer! Find out the details on how you can join and and possibly win a cash prize as well as other Ponko-style prizes.

Metal Clay Findings has announced yet another addition to its embedded jump ring offerings. This one is 6.5mm in size, so it is larger than those already available from this supplier of fine silver findings for metal clay artists.

A lot of the Jewelry Making Forum members already know about this social networking site, but for those who don’t, there’s one now just for metal lovers called, and even though I keep declaring that I won’t join one more social network, I recently caved, so you can find me over there from time to time. I have to admit that everyone there is super nice and friendly.

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Three New Chain Maille Jewelry Designs

The first is the Dark Spiral necklace, a variant on the Captured Spiral necklace. This is a limited edition piece; it ships immediately, but will be made only in limited quantities.

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Name that Gem: Episode 13 Reveal

Demantoid, the most valuable garnet Is beautiful shades of green Its name means “diamond-like” luster Within horsetail inclusions are seen. Facts About Demantoid Garnet Any garnet that contains manganese and titanium are grouped as andradite garnets. Of these andradite garnets,…

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Titanium – Is it Truly Fit For Jewelry?

If someone was to ask you what type of ring would really get your attention, would really make you scratch your head and ask, “What is it made out of again?” what element would you choose, and why? I know what element I would choose. It would have to be titanium, because after scratching your head in astonishment, you will ask where can you get one of your own. And hence is the beauty and nobility that titanium demands.

Why would someone want a ring made out of titanium, when they can get a gold, silver, or platinum ring instead? Well, if you have to ask, you may never know. But I will humor you. Titanium is one of the strongest elements known to man, pound for pound. It has been used for our civilizations greatest and most devastating achievements. It is practically completely corrosion resistant, and doesn’t tarnish. Not to mention, when finely crafted, titanium demands respect.

What exactly is this element? It is the 22nd element in the periodic table, and it is named after the titans, whom in Greek mythology were mightier than the deities. Titanium is so named because of its astonishing strength to weigh ratio. Raw titanium is as strong as steel, but forty percent lighter. To top it off, it holds a silvery-gray luster that is somehow deeper and bolder than platinum or silver. So instead of screaming flashy, it silently demands respect.

What good is any piece of jewelry if it doesn’t represent something? What good is an engagement ring if it doesn’t embody the idea of an unbreakable bond? What is the good of a friendship band if it doesn’t embody the beauty and resiliency of friendship? There is no element that can symbolize the strength of our relationships like titanium.

The same metal that protects astronauts when they leave the atmosphere, and is used to envelope our walls in an everlasting white can be the same metal that represents your ideas, your feelings, and your relationships. I dare say there is no metal that can say it better than titanium. Now, when someone asks you what metal is the most daring, most exotic, and the deepest-you will know what to say.

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