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4 Bead Strands Natural Cultured Fwp Aquamarine Amethyst And Rose Quartz Kit (JLWKIT013).

Attention crafters! We’re expanding our assortment of beads, supplies and accessories. Visit our Jewelry Making store for the latest selection of beads.  Ranging from wire to natural gemstone beads, we offer everything you need to satisfy your favorite hobby.

The set of four bead strands pictured above (JLWKIT013) includes a 3mm-4mm round natural white cultured potato freshwater pearl bead
strand, a 6X4-7X5mm faceted rondelle aquamarine bead strand, a 4mm round
amethyst bead strand, and a 6mm round rose quartz bead strand. 

Shop the Jewelry Making store at today for a wide range of supplies for the avid beader and the beading beginner alike. Create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces or unique decorative items. The possibilities are endless, and you’re only limited by your imagination!

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AGS partners with Venus Jewel

AGS partners with Venus Jewel The American Gem Society is partnering with diamond seller Venus Jewel to give members access to Venus’ online database of diamonds.

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Jewelry for Mother's Day

4. Mother’s Lockets

These lockets depict mothers and children, many within hearts, and mom gets a bonus with this mother’s jewelry–a place to display that tiny picture of you as a baby. There are plenty of price ranges represented here and you’ll find all types of jewelry metal choices.

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"A Treasure's Trove"

A Treasure’s Trove Background

Michael Stadther has always loved treasure hunts and knew that one day he would write a story that would provide children and adults with fun, entertainment and the possibility of finding a real buried treasure. The result of his efforts is “A Treasure’s Trove,” a fairy tale that encourages careful reading, puzzle-solving and exploring.

The tale revolves around twelve different forest creatures whose mates are crystallized and disappear during a strange dusk that affects the forest in the evenings. The creatures team up with Zac, a woodcarver, Ana, his part-elfin wife, and the winged Pook. They all set out to find their missing mates and put a stop to the dusk in order to save their forest home.

Readers follow along on the searches, interpreting clues to help find the missing creatures–really find the creatures, because each one is located somewhere in the continental United States in a spot that’s easily accessible by anyone who deciphers the clues correctly.

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