In case you don’t know much about Arizona’s garden life, we actually do have one. Ever since we moved here, I have wanted an Argentine Giant. They are beautiful cacti, and have these incredible white flowers that bloom at night. And the scent is supposed to be magnificent.

Well, last week we had some landscaping upgrades done, and among those upgrades, I had an Argentine Giant planted in my front yard. Right now is the bloom season for cacti, and my new little baby had what I call “bloom balls” (no dirty jokes!).

I’ve been running outside every morning to see if the largest one had bloomed yet, and sure enough, this morning provided me with this gorgeous delight. And I can verify that the smell is heavenly.

Speaking of giants, I have a slight update on the JAPAC lobbying of Congress regarding the sale of 1+ carat diamonds at Armed Forces Exchanges. This issue caused quite a furor on a certain forum, and the VP of JA responded. He stated that for some time there has always been a rule limiting the PX’s to selling diamonds 1 carat or less, and they are merely lobbying to keep this in place.

Ok, fine. I responded to his statement this morning, and have asked why the PX’s are viewed any differently than other wholesale venues such as Costco, other than Congress can determine what is sold at the PX’s. I don’t know if he’ll respond, but I think more in-depth explanation is needed.


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