Here is the reveal from last week:

The gem that has strong pleochroism
Which of course most of you got right,
Exhibiting a blue to violet range
Is the gemstone we call, IOLITE!

Congrats are in order for Crystal, Abby, Tricia57, MFig, Tara, Anita, Angie, gimmejewels, Barbara, Eve, jtvaddict, CherylD, Matthew, Rick Pucko, Daisha, Sue, and Lili (Mom1).

WHEW!!  Your gemstone knowledge is fantastic! Keep those guesses coming!

Fast Facts about Iolite

  • Iolite has very strong pleochroism, which means it changes colors when viewed from different angles.  This optical property can be viewed without any special instruments or equipment.  While iolite is most commonly a blue or violet color, it can sometimes show brownish streaks.
  • History claims that the Vikings used iolite as a light polarizer, which assisted them in seeing through the haze in determining the exact location of the sun.  Over time, common gemstones that have been confused as iolite include sapphire, benitoite, and even tanzanite.
  • Deposits of Iolite span worldwide, including Myanmar, Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States.  On Mohs’ scale of hardness, iolite is a 7 to 7.5.  This makes it a perfect choice to enjoy set in jewelry.

Due to its intense popularity, JTV is currently sold out of iolite gemstones.  Please check back often for new arrivals. Browse our selection of iolite jewelry.

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