Hard metal and soft organza ribbon make an unlikely combination in this romantic style earring design. The ribbon softens the look, and the brass stampings add a feeling of antique elegance.

I left the stampings as is because I like the natural patina they will eventually develop. However, you may want to try oxidizing them for an immediate aging affect, or to keep them as is, consider coating them with a clear acrylic fixative.

You’ll need:

*2 brass heart stampings
2 gold-filled ear hooks
2 1 ½ inch brass or gold-colored head pins
Approximately 6 to 8 inches of burgundy organza ribbon 1/4 inch wide
Matches or fiber fray medium
Round-nosed pliers
Flat-nosed pliers
Wire cutters

*The stampings used in this project are from Guyot Brothers, item number 06720.

If you want a sneak peek of the finished earrings, just select the last link below to jump to the end of this project.

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