Weekly Feature – Falling Leaf Bead

I have to admit I was probably more chicken about making my first PMC project than I was learning to solder. I have little experience with clay, and since it isn’t exactly cheap, I didn’t want to make any mistakes. However, after flipping through Tim McCreight’s book Working with Precious Metal Clay, I found this project on how to make a leaf bead. It looked so easy that my confidence was restored, and I thought this would be a good way to get started.

To make a leaf bead, you’ll need:

a small ball of PMC (This depends on the size of your leaf.)

a leaf (I used one from a pepper plant.)

a clean surface to work on

8 playing cards

a small rolling pin (I use a piece of pvc pipe.)

olive oil

Exacto ® knife

2 inch piece of plastic straw



jeweler’s file or emery board

1. Start by placing a small ball of PMC in the middle of your work surface.

2. Set two stacks of card with 4 cards each on either side of your clay.

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Vintage Key Necklace

Vintage Key NecklaceWeekly Featured Project – Jetson Earring…Wrapped Hook ClaspWire Snake Jewelry Jig PieceEarring Findings

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Bead Blog Babes 02/24/08

Art Bead Scene

Here’s a tool just “bent” on becoming your favorite!

Jewelry & Beading

Heather Powers of Humblebeads catches us up on what’s going on with her this spring!

Katie’s Beading Blog

Katie’s giving away 2 copies of Vintage Style Jewelry from the editors of Bead & Button. Comment on her post to be included in the drawing!


Read Robin’s funny stories of her latest CHA trip and what a friend of hers has deemed, “Nailgate”!

Savvy Crafter

Candie’s sharing the dove-love over on her blog! Check out a pair of earrings she made using peaceful dove chandelier findings. While you’re there, leave a comment for a chance to win your own dove charms!

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!

Jean made a pretty spring-like necklace using a Russian bead and Vintaj findings. It is titled, “Looking Out Her Window”.

The Impatient Blogger

Margot shares stories of her first day at CHA (The Craft and Hobby Association Show) and why she prefers to do “fake demos” at book signings.

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Expanding My Horizons

With Faux Bone on the back burner until hubby gets home and we jerry-rig a vice mechanism on my apparently extra-thick card table that serves as my “dirty work” table…I’ve had the desire to do alternate things. It’s that time of year where I feel like I need to expand my horizons.

I’ve considered bead crochet. I know how to crochet, I just can’t decide if I want do it or not, simply (and this is retarded) because if I do a crochet project, I have these hanks of these little tiny pretty white seed pearls. Probably the WORST type of bead to use for a first bead crochet project.

So, I’ll still ponder that one for a bit.

The next thing? Over a year ago, I had the urge to do some seed bead bevelling around a really pretty sodalite cab I have, combine it with a really nice little wood piece I have, and make a brooch out of it.

That project won out. I started it yesterday afternoon, and because the project sat so long (I had already glued the cab to some Stiff Stuff at the time), the glue was no longer adhering. I got the first row done around the cab, and it was futile. I had to take the backing off, cut a new Stiff Stuff backing, and glue it again. I got three rows done last night, and while I’m not real sure if I like my first effort, I have to remind myself it is a first effort. I think I need a few more rows, and I need to eliminate a certain number of beads to make the beadwork draw up tightly and nicely over the edge of the cab. I am looking forward to finishing the bevelled edge, and moving on to the rest of the piece. I haven’t decided what kind of finish I want to add to the beading, but experience has taught me I will figure it out as I go along. If I sketch it out, it won’t turn out that way anyway. Just go with the flow…

I’m off to school–I’ve got a lab and a quiz today. Sounds like a good excuse to come home and bead for a while to relax! 🙂


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