Classic pearls are usually strung on silk cord, so that’s why I call this wire and pearl necklace “classy” versus “classic.” It still has a classic look to it, but it’s just constructed a little differently.

For this necklace, you’ll use much of the same techniques as my Crystal Butterfly Bead and Wire necklace, but this necklace has no butterfly pendant. It is just a simple string of pearls. Like many of my other wire projects, I always suggest having a pair or nylon-nosed pliers handy to help straighten wire, but they aren’t completely necessary for this project, just recommended since you will be working with a lot of wire.

You’ll need:

33 – 4mm semi-round pearl beads
5 feet of 24-gauge sterling round wire
2 – 6mm sterling jump rings
3 to 4 inches of 20-gauge half-hard round sterling wire
Wire cutters
Jeweler’s file
Flat or bent-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers
[link url=/library/blnypli.htm]Nylon-nosed pliers{/link]

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