Hi everyone…

I’d like to show off the first of what I consider to be one of my “big” (meaning extravagant) pieces for 2008. This piece is the first of several being created for the Taser Foundation’s fashion show/silent auction that I am proud to be a member of.

It’s called “Diadem,” and is intended to be a piece that not only catches the eye of the viewer from the front, but also from the rear. It took approximately 12 hours (12 very precious hours I might clarify), but I am really in love with the final result. Now that I know how this piece turned out, I am looking forward to creating a second piece that will also have a front and a back.

It is made with bright silver anodized aluminum, uses Swarovski crystal pendants for the front, the back and the earrings, and also uses briolette clear AB Swarovski crystal drops as well. I used sterling silver for the earposts, and I did use a sterling silver clasp and sterling silver jump rings on the loops of the pendants. The front is made with a European 4-in-1 pattern, the back with a half-Byzantine pattern.

Please excuse the bad photography–I was handing this piece off along with several others for a magazine shoot today, and desperately needed to photograph it for record keeping before I handed it off. I had to improvise on making my light cube tall enough for the tallest neck bust I had which really wasn’t tall enough to display this necklace properly. I hope you can envision what I did as I created this piece. I can’t wait to get some photographs back from the magazine shoot so I can really show this piece off.

I think this piece exemplifies my new company logo, “Dare to be BOLD.” You can’t get more bold and attention-grabbing than this piece, unless it were made out of precious metals and real diamonds. (Oooh. I think I just got a twinge of excitement at the thought of such precious luh-verlies being used to make this piece.)

Here it is. “Diadem.”

Jewelry and photos copyright Miachelle DePiano, 2008.


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