As a graphic designer working in the cookie-cutter world of Wall Street, Vika Bulgakova had to wear traditional business attire. “As a free spirit, I never liked suits. I started creating my own jewelry to add a variety to my dull business suits,” says Bulgakova.

With little to no classes or schooling on the art of making jewelry, Bulgakova began to handcraft her own pieces. Her jewelry hobby turned into a business, Vika B. Studio, when she teamed up with her best friend and business partner, Misha Rubin, to sell her jewelry designs to other women in the same predicament. “I never would have thought playing with beads would lead me to the design of jewelry.”

Bulgakova says she finds her inspiration in nature. “Everything in nature inspires me. I grew up playing with nature, and that has made me grateful,” says Bulgakova, who hails from Ukraine. She uses elements from nature as design motifs and then gives them a stylized graphic artist twist. From her handcrafted opened rose gold star ring with satin finish to her concave “Charisma” earrings, each piece is made to resemble Bulgakova’s vision of the fusion of nature and the soul.

She specializes in lightweight 18k gold and sterling silver pieces in an array of matte finishes combined with precious stones. Retail price points are from $500 to $2,500 for karat gold and $75 to $550 for sterling styles. Bulgakova recently began working on a bridal and men’s line, which is due to come out within the next year.

Her nature inspired designs can make a wearer feel as if they were looking at a panoramic view of a mountainside or a garden of flowers. “I believe each piece brings out the human sparkle. I want my customers to feel happy when they wear my jewelry,” Bulgakova says.