You may remember my famous V Wire Earring project from way back. They generated a good deal of feedback from jewelry makers. Most of the feedback was on the “Where did you get those?” line and some were “I can make that.” But, yes, they are back, but they are a little different. These V wires, from Metal Clay Findings, were designed with the metal clay jewelry maker in mind.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the ends are bent a little. That is so you can attach some clay to the ends and then fire the clay to the end of the wires. And, that brings up something else different – and cool – about these findings. They are made of fine silver, so this means they can be fired with metal clay. Metal Clay Findings has four different slight variations of these V wires, so if you are a metal clay-er then you may want to see which would work for your own design needs.

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