Get started making jewelry now with this helpful hub of links to the basics of all kinds of jewelry making: bead stringing; bead weaving; wire work; metal clay; metal fabrication; metal soldering; fused and lampwork glass; and mixed media and fiber.

Bead Stringing
Getting Started: Bead Stringing
Struggling with String
Beginners’ Corner
Bead Stringing for Beginners E-Course

Bead Weaving
Get Started with Seed Beads
Ladder Stitch
Beaded Beads
Brick Stitch in a Nutshell
Seed Beading Projects and Information

Wire Work
Getting Started: Wire Work
Types of Wire
What Wire for What?
Wrapped Loops

Metal Clay
Get Started: Metal Clay
What is Metal Clay?
Metal Clay Intro E-Course
Wire Jewelry Projects

Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication E-Course
Metal Jewelry Fabrication Tools
What is Metal Fabrication?
Metal Jewelry Projects

Metal Soldering
Getting Started: Metalsmithing
Soldering Setup
What Type of Soldering Torch?
What Is Soldering?

Fused/Lampwork Glass
Getting Started with Fused Glass
Create a Glass Studio
Annealing Metal, Beads, and Glass Jewelry
Glass Projects & Torch Work

Mixed Media and Fiber
Get Started: Macrame Jewelry
Mixed Media Jewelry Projects
Knot Library

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