At Jewelry Television, we go to great lengths to give our customers
gemstone knowledge, the latest news, and, of course, the best values on
jewelry and gemstones.  We make this possible by going to the source.
Andesine Labradorite has been shrouded in mystery, and its source has
been unconfirmed.  We are pleased to announce that JTV has discovered a
small number of mines that yield dramatic orange, red, green, and yellow
andesine-labradorite. In the days ahead, we will share the locations, as
well as other valuable insights surrounding this fascinating stone,
including its color!  At present, JTV is virtually out of red
labradorite, but has two experienced teams of buyers searching for more
finished goods. This is necessary due to the nature of the rough, and
the remote and intemperate location of the mines we found. Our goal is
to be as direct to the source as possible, but substantial lead time is
involved from the point of procurement (of rough) to the finished
product. Therefore our buying teams are working hard to fill that gap.

While we have been able to locate two large cutting runs of red
, much of the material is below the minimum quality
standards set forth by JTV. Our buyers are currently negotiating to
procure any and all gemstones that exhibit the high level of quality
that our customers have come to expect. In the future, Jewelry
Television will do its best to procure sufficient rough from newly
discovered mines to provide a consistent, if limited, supply of this
incredibly popular gemstone.

-Jerry Sisk
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder
Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

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